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F.lli Ferrante Srl

The birth of our company dates back to 1966. In the '70s the market was blooming and, in the agricultural zone of Crecchio, there was the need for machines that could help to cultivate of the land.

The brothers Ferrante had the idea to create road homologated vehicles that could be used even in the fields. The request for such machines rised and they were needed not only in the local market, but also in other regions of the centre and south Italy. As a consequence, they decided to create the "F.lli Ferrante Natale e Felice s.n.c." in 1985.
The company grew thanks to the investments and the ideas of the two businessmen and, despite the expansion, it maintained the high quality standards that distinguished their products while changing their business name in srl. Now Ferrante Srl is focused mainly on the production of "4wd agricultural vehicles with loading bed, 4wd works machinery and agricultural trailers".

F.lli Ferrante srl - via Marcone 55, 66014 Crecchio (CH)
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